So, you want to build a home. You recognize your environment affects your health and that of your family. You may not know that over 33% of diseases in children today are triggered, aggravated, or influenced by your environment according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO). Many believe this percentage is more than 50%; either way those numbers are people getting sick from their environment, something you can control in your home. Wanting a healthier home is an awesome choice for you and your family. You are embarking on an adventure; good or bad is totally up to you and all the other people you choose to participate in the process. Planning is your greatest tool, and of course getting your builder on the same page.

From this blog we are going to discuss some of the things that will make your home healthier, not just “green” or sustainable but healthy and sustainable to you and your family. If it is healthy for you and your family it should also be healthy for the environment.

Where to start? Let’s get a list of questions together to always ask to help you determine if the products and process you will use are healthier.

  • With each step you will want to ask the question, is this product or process in some way unhealthy for my family?
  • Can it be better?
  • Is it toxic?
  • Does it off gas?
  • Does it support mold?
  • Does it hold dust and dander?
  • Does it create unhealthy situations or fields in our home?
  • Do I understand it?
  • Is it structurally sound?
  • Does it perform well as intended?
  • When you get the response “Because we have always done it this way.” Believe me; you will, ask Why is it “they” have always done it this way?
  • Can we find it locally?
  • Is there something better, i.e. healthier, better performer, or less expensive?
  • Can I afford it?
  • What are the alternatives?
  • Can I test it?
  • Does it cause a reaction to me or my family?

These are the questions to get you moving in the right direction and good ones to keep on hand. We will add to these as we go. With each choice you make, and there will be many, ask the questions on the list.

Do you have questions that you believe would be good to add to help others make healthier choices for their homes?

I look forward to sharing with you.

Quick List for a Healthy Home Design

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